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Autobot Machine Wars Reviews!!!


I like the Hoist figure. Maybe it is because he is the first one that I picked up. Although he's colored more like Trailbreaker, he does have the same title appeal. He is colored a total black with a brown hook at the rear. He also has the words "Wilk and Son Towing" stamped on his side. I guess the Autobots decided to work for minimum wage! Like the Generation 1 original Hoist, he is labeled as a tow truck and looks nice in auto mode!

Like all of the smaller figures, the transformation is a one step process. All you do is lift up the hook and he automatically transforms to robot mode. He is very poseable in robot form. The front grill pops out and transforms into his hidden weapon! I did notice that my loose Hoist has a little problem. If you take the grill off a few times it gets harder to stick back on when you replace it!

I'm very partial to figures who share similar molds to their original names. Since Hoist was a tow truck and still is a tow truck (although a totally different color and design), I feel he is a great figure. It seems as though they took a little time to make sure that trans fans were kept happy (in a way). As long as Hoist is in maintenance, a tow truck, and an Autobot......I'm pleased!!!


"Proper maintenance prevents poor performance"

Hoist believes every Autobot should operate at peak efficiency levels at all times, which means he's a stickler for proper maintenance of both internal micro-circuitry and external structural integrity. He's always prepared to tow an injured Autobot in for repairs. And if fired upon in the line of duty, he'll quickly convert to robot mode and battle back with a vengeance!

Generation 1 mold: Green/Orange Tow Truck
Machine Wars mold: Black Tow Truck


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