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Autobot Machine Wars Reviews!!!


Although I consider Hoist the true bearer of the tow truck mold, this recolor does look pretty good. If you remember correctly, Hubcap was the little yellow car released in the third year of Generation 1 (and red in Gen 2). I guess we should be thankful that they bothered to keep him the same color as the original.

Hubcap has a few "construction" stickers placed around his body with a black hook at the rear. Like Hoist, you need just lift this hook to convert the tow truck to robot form. The hidden weapon is located in the front grill. It snaps off and flips up forming his blaster. As with Hoist, my loose one has a front grill problem. It won't stay in place very well once snapped back on.

Hoist is considered a tow truck while Hubcap is labeled a Construction Truck. Big stretch huh? Anyway....if you're going to get only one of these two molds, go with Hoist. However, for collectors, the Hubcap figure is a nice colorful piece.


"You smash 'em, I'll trash 'em!"

After a fellow Autobot defeats a Decepticon in battle, Hubcap races in to haul the enemy away. He takes the debris back to Autobot headquarters where he salvages what he can from any surviving circuitry or undamaged armor. The rest of the parts he either recycles for scrap, or uses for his favorite hobby: target practice.

Generation 1 mold: Yellow mini-car
Machine Wars mold: Yellow Construction Truck


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