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Decepticon Machine Wars Reviews!!!


The slickest of the four Decepticon smaller jets is Megaplex. While he shares the same mold and transformation of Megatron, the sleek gray mixed with the black stripes down his wings makes him the nicer looking of the two. He has a blue triangle sticker on his one wing and another sticker on his other. However, these seem to pretty make up the stickers on this figure.

The interesting thing about him is the fact that he is said to be a clone to Megatron. That way they can send him in replacement of Megatron in case they feel that their leader may be in danger. This also is a plan to confuse the Autobots! While it seems a bit silly that Megatron would even think of having another like himself, this is a cool way to excuse the cheesy recolor of the figure and packaging.

Like Megatron, you need just fold down the cockpit to convert jet to robot. The posability of the jets are very good and they remind me of the Generation 2 Cyberjets. If you look behind his legs you will find two individual pieces to his weapon. Connect them together and you have Megaplex's gun!

Of all the recolors, I guess Megaplex is the most excusable because of the story line behind him. Plus.....he's the only figure with an original name! One thing that worries me......if Megatron was to see the front of his card that says "Jet Converts to Robot Leader"......I'm sure there would be hell to pay!!!


"The skies belong to me!"

Megaplex was built to function as a clone for Megatron, a strategy designed to confuse enemy Autobots who seek to shoot down the elusive Decepticon leader. But Megaplex is more than just a decoy, he is equipped with powerful attack weapons that make him a formidable warrior in any air battle. And in robot mode, he only get tougher!

Generation 1 mold: ------
Machine Wars mold: Gray/Blue jet


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