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Decepticon Machine Wars Reviews!!!


The Decepticon leader is back and in a new form. While I know I'll never get my Walther P-38 back (since it is illegal to produce realistic looking toy guns), I guess I'll have to thank god that he's not a tank! Sorry folks but.....Megatron has always been a Decepticon leader who was easily manuverable and could fly to the air in a split second.......a's just too damn clunky!! Anyway, they made him into a jet. I guess I'll have to live with that too! He does look nice though although I'd have to say that his recolor Megaplex looks a little better. He has a light blue paint with a couple red stickers on his wings.

Pull down the cockpit and he automatically converts to robot mode. If you look behind his legs you'll find two pieces to his weapon. Connect them to form Megatron's gun! One thing I have to mention: I think they tried to retain Megatron's head for this mold for it does look a teeny bit like him!!

I'll tell you one thing.....this is the first time I'd have to say that Starscream could actually defeat Megatron in a fight. I mean come on.......Starscream is huge in the Machine Wars line!!! HUGE!! All in all, Megs new form looks okay!


"Prepare for oblivion!"

Megatron once again "takes to the skies in disguise" in his latest aerial-attack configuration. Body armor composed of stealth deflector shields that allow for invisible attacks on Autobot enemies. Twin turbo thursters rocket him to speeds of up to 600 mph in less than 17 seconds. In robot or vehicle mode, this evil commander is one of the worst threats in the universe.

Generation 1 mold: Gray/Silver Walther P-38
Machine Wars mold: Gray/Light Blue jet


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