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Autobot Machine Wars Reviews!!!


The most interesting thing about the Mirage piece is that he looks just like his Gen 1 counterpart. He has the same type of colors and same style of mold. The name "Mirage" is stamped on his back spoiler and the number seven etched into his hood. There are also a couple random stickers placed throughout!!

Being a part of the smaller figures he has an easy method of transformation. You just flip up the spoiler and he converts automatically to robot mode. Once the formation ends you can pose his arms and legs. If you look behind his legs you will also see Mirage's hidden weapons. They piece together to form a pretty slick looking gun!

Mirage was recolored as Prowl (unfortunately). I think that the Mirage figure is the slickest looking one in terms of the smaller car set. Maybe because he looks a lot like his original counterpart (even the face could be a dead ringer). If you were to pick up only one smaller Machine Wars figure......let Mirage be the one!!


"Like a ninja in the night, I strike swiftly and unseen"

Mirage would rather be out hurting turbofoxes than battling for the Autobots but he's an effective fighter and valuable intelligence gatherer-that's why Optimus Prime keeps him around. Electro-disrupter alters physical appearance for up to 6 minutes. Invisibility within these short periods earned him his name. Remains unsure of Autobot cause, and can't be fully trusted.

Generation 1 mold: White/Blue F-1 Racer
Machine Wars mold: White/Blue F-1 Racer (yes!!!)


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