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Machine Wars

Transformers: Machine Wars is Kenner's (really Hasbro's) attempt to bring back the original car/plane designs. They have produced twelve exclusive figures and scattered them among Kay Bee, KB Toyworks, and Toy Liquidators. This is just a test run. If they do well, I have heard that more figures will be on the way (of which will probably be released in a larger market) and possibly a new TV series. Recently I have heard rumors that there may definitely be more figures popping up next year!

These twelve exclusives consist of a variety of molds. They range from oversized figures (of which are recolors of previous UK molds) to relatively small ones! The larger sized figures include Starscream and Optimus Prime. The medium size figures include Soundwave and Sandstorm. The smaller figures include Mirage, Prowl, Hoist, Hubcap, Megatron, Megaplex, Skywarp, and Thundercracker. While they kept most of them similar looking molds to match their original names, four of the smaller figures are just recolors of the other four!

I don't know if the prices for these figures are the same at all KB Toyworks and such but......the smaller figures were priced at $4.99 each. The medium figures were priced at $9.99 each. Starscream was $14.99 and Optimus Prime was $21.99. I purchased all twelve together and (for anyone who's interested) it came to a total of $102.70. Not bad when you consider I just paid more than that for a sealed Generation 1 Prowl!!

Remember folks: there is no die cast metal or tough plastic here. The larger figures are made better than the smaller ones but it's nothing to write home about! But then seems every toy line is made of this cheaper plastic nowadays. Look at it this way (I have heard this from several people): if you won't buy any Machine Wars (or even BW if you're into them) because they're made a little cheaper than they use to......then you won't be buying any toys for the rest of your life! Therefore, I look at MW as a step toward bringing back memories and creating new ones. I overlook the materials used and try to examine each figure with individual creativity in mind! This is what Transformers is all about!

All in all I like the Machine Wars line. Obviously they got a little sloppy with the smaller figures since they recolored four of them. However, some of them are quite creative and I hope we see more! I also like the packaging and interesting variety in transformation! Keep in mind, this is just a test run. More than likely they didn't put full effort into this line! I'm sure if it becomes successful we'll see a lot more interesting stuff done with it!

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