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MW Packaging

The packaging on the Machine Wars is something I noticed right away! Each package is a dark blue with a yellow flame highlighting the enclosed figure. The front of each package depicts an artist's rendition of the piece as well as the choking hazard warning (smart thing to do). The "Machine Wars" icon printed on the package is similar to the Beast Wars icon. They just basically replaced the BW with MW. The back of each package (or the side on the larger pieces) includes each figure's bio and tec specs. Good point to keep in mind: they added the personal quote for each figure into the tec specs (which was not used in the Beast Wars line)! Huray!!

The smaller figures come on cards. They each have a blister pack and a bubble! On the back is a pic of the eight smaller pieces available, tec specs/bio, and instructions. Here's a scan of the card backing example. You will notice a cheap trick used, however, for the recolors are just simply recolors of the cards and figure. Therefore, you're actually only getting four original molds in the smaller figure line!

The medium and larger figures come in boxes. The boxes are like the previous generations with cool "see through" windows. The transformation instructions (like the carded figures) are printed on the back so the only thing included with the figure is a sticker sheet and maybe an accessory. Here's a scan of the back of the box. The inserts consist of a yellow color with twisty ties holding the figure in place. I like the look of the boxes. I feel they really are a highlight to the figure!!

The tec specs are designed like the Generation 2 and BW line. They are square with the bio printed in plain view (you don't need a decoder anymore). Included on each spec is the drawing of the figure, individual quote (horay), personal information, and the bio! They look nice overall!

I am really impressed with the packaging (as you can tell). The bright colors and nice designs highlight each and every figure. While they got a little cheap on the smaller pieces, I hope they are here to stay!

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