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MW Transformation

The transforming principles in the Machine Wars line is that of the Beast Wars! The smaller figures are spring activated so you need just do one step in order for them to transform. The larger figures consist of manual transformations which include several steps to complete.

I do like the idea of the automatic transformation. However, people's arguments against them are sound. I have heard stuff like: "We never had this crap on the original line" or "It shouldn't be so easy". To me all these complaints make perfect sense (escpecially since I'm from the first Generation of TF's). However, I think this new principle of transformation on the smaller models is original and creative. Another interesting aspect of this is that you can make the "transforming" sound and actually have the figure transform with you!! Nevermind.....

What do I mean by spring activated and auto-transformation? Well....let me give you an example. The Hoist figure is a tow truck and he has a hook hanging near the back. When you pop up the hook, the figure automatically transforms to robot form. You still need to pose the arms and legs at times but this is a unique feature!

The final step in transforming the smaller figures is to find the hidden weapon. Instead of making you keep a shoe box full of assorted weapons and accessories, Kenner decided to add the gun right onto the figure. Let's use Hoist as the example again. His front grill pops off and transforms into his gun! This helps to keep everything together and provide more room on your display shelf!!

Now that I discussed the auto-transforming principle with the smaller figures, let's look at the manual-transforming process of the larger ones. It's simple.....there is an instruction panel on the back of each of the medium and large boxes. They give you a detailed step-by-step process to transform each figure. In the Machine Wars line, however, there really isn't anything difficult to master. It's just basic flips and twists! However, each one is unique in it's own way and adds to the fun!!!

I feel that the mixture of these two transforming principles is great. It gives the toy line a little variety! Like the BW, the Machine Wars have interesting steps in transformation making each individual figure a unique one!

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