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Autobot Machine Wars Reviews!!!

Optimus Prime

What would a Transformers line be without an Optimus Prime? And yes....ladies and gentlemen...he's a tractor trailer. However, he's not your average everyday truck!! This time he's beefed up with roof cannons and features you've never seen before. Obviously there was some stuff left out of this model in comparison to the UK original, however, there's still enough to satisfy the Trans fan!!

The first time I saw this new figure I noticed one awesome thing......on the sticker sheet in the background of the box and on Optimus Primes's trailer you see the original Autobot symbol! That was enough to get me to buy it!! Not to mention the fact that he looks awesome as hell in vehicular mode!! The cab is mostly colored gray with red on the sides and purple on his trailer connector. The trailer is gray with white, black, and blue surrounding it! Before I purchased the MW figures there were about 20 OP's in stock. When I came in about a week later, I snagged the last one!! After one look at OP's new slick truck can probably figure out why they sold so well!!!

Transforming Optimus into robot mode is almost traditional in it's process. You flip up the legs, fold out the arms, and pop up the head....BINGO!! One thing I must mention....the head isn't a traditional Prime head. It leans more toward human "facial features" (ex: mouth, nose, etc.). This is one thing I have a hard time accepting! However, the box art shows different.

The trailer is also awesome. However, you can tell a few things were left out when ported over here from the UK! Transforming the trailer to battle station requires a few well executed button presses, folds, and flips. However, nothing drastic. You do see some pretty awesome missile launchers and the figure does come with two large missiles. You can also place Optimus Prime into the station for there is a little platform he can stand on. You will notice a few things in the trailer that seem out of place. Kind of like something should be there that isn't. However, all-in-all the Optimus Prime robot mode looks nice and is definitely worth to bear the name (although the face really bugs me)!!

I have heard many say different but, I like MW Optimus Prime a lot! There were obviously a few things left out but that is forgiven since this is only a test run. The large package and awesome truck mode is worthy of the purchase right there!! "Autobots.....roll out!!!"



"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings!"

Optimus Prime is the bravest, strongest, and wisest of all Autobots. His role is to protect all life in the fight to defeat the Decepticons. This all-powerful leader features a cab section that converts into his battle-ready robot mode, while his back trailer section becomes a high-tech command station complete with 2 launchers and an aresenal of mega-missiles. His combination of intelligence and strength makes him a respected commander, and a feared warrior.

Original Generation 1 mold: Red/Gray tractor trailer and defense base
Machine Wars mold: White/Red/Blue tractor trailer and defense base (YES!!!!)


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