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Autobot Machine Wars Reviews!!!


If there is a figure in the MW line that made me cry it would have to be Prowl. I've always been a big fan of the Prowl figure. He looked slick as a police car (which I feel is his true trademark) and awesome in robot form (especially when you would place the side blasters near his head). This time they've decided to recolor Mirage and make Prowl an F-1 racer. I guess it could be worse (a jet or something) but I wish they would have made him a police car! That would have topped off the MW line for me!!

Don't get me wrong, he still looks pretty slick in this mode. In fact, you can tell that they tried to keep the same color scheme as the original for they used white and black. He has a number eight etched into his hood and the name "Prowl" written on his spoiler. He also has small miscellaneous stickers placed throughout.

The transformation is the same as Mirage. Pull up the spoiler and he automatically changes from race car to robot (you can tell he's just a recolor because of the face which still looks like Mirage). The weapons are hidden behind his legs. Like Mirage, the gun is somewhat appealing.

I think the Prowl figure is a nice looking piece. However, the fact that his name is used lessens the appeal somewhat. If they would have added those classic head blasters.......I might have forgave 'em!!


"Logic is the ultimate weapon"

Chief of Security for Autobot forces. Calculating, quiet and competent. Thought processors intensely logical. Enhanced racing design conceals sophisticated micro-circuitry capable of processing 30,000 bytes of information per millisecond. Loyalty and patience perhaps greatest assets.

Generation 1 mold: White/Black Police Car (Datsun 280ZX)
Machine Wars mold: White/Black F-1 Racer (sniff)


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