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Autobot Machine Wars Reviews!!!


While he's no longer a triple changer, at least they decided to keep him one of his original forms....a helicopter. He has a slick design and is the best of the two medium figures.

He is made up of a nice brown and golden color. His blades and cockpit window are a transparent blue.He has a blue/white star highlighting his sides. He also has a hint of green camouflage throughout!

The transformation to robot is fairly simple. Pull off the cannons, pull down the legs, swing down the arms, and fold down the cockpit. It's not much but you still feel that the $10 was a worthy investment. Inside is a packet with instructions. The most interesting thing about weapons and no accessories! I wonder if these were left out of the American version of this particular mode. It seems many of the figures are like that!

He does look nice overall. I must say has a nicer design than the other medium figure Soundwave. Although Soundwave looks better in robot form. While he only changes once....Sandstorm is a worthy purchase!!



"There's a bad storm brewing, and I'm it!"

Sandstorm has adapted a new battle copter configuration...but can still scream across the desert wastelands like a turbo-charged fireball! Dual turbine engines make speed his greatest asset, and they also double as powerful laser cannons that fire air-to-ground laser bursts which explode upon impact. Watch out, Decepticons!

Generation 1 mold: Orange car/helicopter (was triple changer)
Machine Wars mold: Brown/Green helicopter


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