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Decepticon Machine Wars Reviews!!!


I like Skywarp for two reasons. He has a nice black/white robot mode and......he has an awesome Decepticon symbol stickered on his left wing!! YES!! Sorry.......anyway.....he's kind of plain otherwise. He is considered an infantry robot and is basically a dull white with a few hints of red. Nothing much really else to say.

Like the other Decepticon smaller jets you just fold down the cockpit to automatically transform Skywarp to robot mode. Behind his legs are two pieces to his weapon. Connect these pieces to form the gun! I am quite partial to his robot form because of the black and white colors. He does look nice in that form!!!

Skywarp.......quite a change of colors. He went from an original all BLACK jet to an all WHITE jet. Quite a difference. The good thing is there aren't a handful of pieces to loose (hands, rockets, landging gear)......the bad thing is....Skywarp isn't really that great!


"Strike when their backs are turned"

Considered the sneakies Decepticon to ever fly in the sky. Pulls practical jokes on fellow fighter planes. Low intelligence makes him prone to accidents and occasional mid-air collisions. Instant conversion capabilities allow for immediate battle-ready status.

Generation 1 mold: Black jet
Machine Wars mold: White/Black jet


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