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Decepticon Machine Wars Reviews!!!


While he is no longer a tape player, he is labeled the Decepticon Communicator! This time he's been remolded as a terror tank (which is a recolor of a UK figure). I must admit that I like the new mold! I think he looks slick in both tank and robot mode. In fact, you can see a hint of the original Soundwave when in robot form because of a similarity in facial design and the cannon which sits on his shoulder.

He is mainly a gray color with brown along the cannon stand and wheels. There are also green "seeweed" like strips along these areas. He has a huge cannon which sits on top of the tank. This is colored white with a transparent blue missile end. There is a sticker sheet included which has some interesting peels along with an original Decepticon symbol (nice!!). One thing to note: the instructions don't tell you exactly where ALL the stickers should go. Only 8 through 16. Weird!! You can pretty much look around and see where most of them fit anyway! The sticker sheets seem to have a problem with this on the larger figures.

The medium figures (along with the larger ones) are manual transforming. He's not too difficult but has enough steps to make you feel that you made a worthy purchase. Basic flips and flops make up Soundwave's transformation to robot form. In the box is a small packet which includes a sticker sheet and one satellite dish. Notice that the drawing depicts Soundwave with a launcher or gun of sorts.....this is not included!

According to the instructions, if you look into the rocket's scope you can target other transformers. Sounds cool huh?? Well...not really. It just flips a blue square thing up and down. However, the rocket is good for something. It fits in a little hole on Soundwave's shoulder once he's transformed to robot form. This does bring back a hint of memories from the original mold when he would have the cannon on his shoulder! Looks nice!!

All in all Soundwave looks good!! I like his robot form especailly!! He has a hint of the original Soundwave in him!! Looks like we won't be seeing any cassettes though! Oh well......


"Cries and screams are music to my ears!"

A smooth talking opportunist who uses his eavesdropping abilities on friend and foe alike. Equipped with advanced radio wave and energy sensors, Soundwave is a crucial communications link for Decepticon forces. Four armoured tracks equip him for any terrain, and the giant electron rocket makes him a devastating warrior, earning him the nickname "The Terror Tank"

Generation 1 mold: Blue Cassette Player
Machine Wars mold: Gray/Brown Tank


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