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Decepticon Machine Wars Reviews!!!


Starscream is back in his largest adaptation ever. However, it isn't the most interesting piece! He looks nice in the box but once taken out....he's a big piece of clunkiness!! His jet mode does look slick and is well worth the purchase price.

He is mainly composed of a black paint job. However, he does have a transparent blue popping up in his cockpit window and engines. Why they decided to use a green neon like color for the missiles is beyond me! But, he does look nice overall!

Starscream has a few interesting steps to his transformation. They're kind of unique and aren't the traditional twists and flips. However, I noticed a slight difficulty with the legs. Excessive force was necessary to pull those suckers around!! Once in robot mode you'll notice his scope sticking out of his back! Looks kind of awkward!! You'll also notice that he's HUGE!! One good point to little fists, missile launchers, and landing gear to loose!! It's all connected (except for the missiles).

Starscream comes with a sticker sheet (which is a little messed up when compared to the instructions) and four bright green neon missiles. He has a barrel which acts as a missile launcher. You can chamber up to four missiles at a time and shoot them off almost simultaneously which adds a cool effect. Plus, see the gun he's holding on the box art......that's not there!! Very strange!!!

All in all I like the Starscream figure. However, he's not the best version of him that I've seen! He is freakin' huge though!! If that attracts you then pick him up!! I can't imagine Megatron trying to rule with the guy who wants to overthrow him being so huge!!


"Conquest is made of the ashes of ones enemies"

Starscream is ruthless, cold-blooded and cruel, yet considers himself the smartest most sophisticated Decepticon of all. He believes Decepticons should rely more on guile and speed rather than brute force to defeat the Autobots. He's a powerful air commander who can reach speeds of Mach 2.8 at an altitude of 52 miles, even while flying heavily armed with his heat seeking, air-to-air missiles.

Generation 1 mold: Red/Gray Jet
Machine Wars mold: Black Jet


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