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Decepticon Machine Wars Reviews!!!


Thundercracker is a recolor of Skywarp. However....he looks a lot nicer. Unlike Skywarp (who had a plain white color and a "not-really-too-interesting" design), Thundercracker has a green and brown camouflage color which really stands out! He also has a cool pair of star stickers placed on his wings! The strange thing.....when he's converted to robot form....the camouflage scheme is gone!! He becomes a plain brown/green robot. Oh well.....he still looks great!!

Like Skywarp (and all the Decep jets), all you have to do is pull down the cockpit and he automatically transforms to robot form! He has a hidden weapon which is spread to two pieces inside the back of his legs. Connecting them together forms Thundercracker's gun!

He has an unusual difference in color when comparing him to the original piece from Generation 1. The first Thundercracker had a metallic blue color!! I guess he wanted something a little less conspicuous! All in all...I really like the look of him! He has a nice new color scheme and a cool design!


"The best weapon is terror!"

Believes in the Decepticon cause, but remains rebellious among his own ranks. Contemptuous and cruel to anything that can't fly. Produced 200-mile radius sonic boom at excessive flight speeds. Uses terror tectics to strike fear in enemies, and panic among the innocent.

Generation 1 mold: Metallic Blue Jet
Machine Wars mold: Brown/Green Jet


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